Benchmarking my external 2.5" drive (laptop) - USB 2.0 versus eSATA

When I bought a new laptop, I immediately replaced the hard drive with something bigger, and not wanting to see a SATA notebook drive go to waste I bought an Akasa ENP2NES P2 series external enclosure.  I've used their 3.5" enclosures for some time, but this was the first 2.5" version. 

Even better, the enclosure had both eSATA and USB 2.0 ports.  My Shuttle SD37-P2 barebones desktop includes an eSATA port, although combined with Intel Matrix RAID on that box, the 3.5" enclosures never got on with it.  However, I decided to have a go with the 2.5" version.

Importantly I decided to use a disk drive benchmark program from to compare the USB 2.0 and eSATA performance.  All these are for read access only.

USB 2.0 - 28 Mb/s average read, ranging from 30 Mb/s to 23 Mb/s

eSATA - 37 Mb/s average read, ranging from 48 Mb/s to  23 Mb/s

Only rough figures from a couple of runs on each, but that seals it - Virtual PC images on the external drive run on my Shuttle PC from now on. They will get faster disc access and hardware virtualisation which my Windows Server 2003 box (Shuttle SB51G) doesn't have.


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