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I would love to hear thoughts on this.  At my new place of work they have a "swear pot" and in this pot goes 20p for every overheard swear words, now I'm not talking about only the good stuff, the rule is apparently if you wouldn't say it in front of an 8 year old, then it counts.

This is going to cost me a fortune, its not that I am a potty mouth, but I am of the opinion that swear words, as they are branded, are a part of the much loved English language and at times, quite simply nothing else will do.  The F word for example is a particular favourite!  Again I must iterate that I am capable enough to exercise common sense and would not shout such "considered" bad language across the office (although would not be offended if someone else did). 

You could say I have answered my own question, if I wouldn't shout it across the room, then should it be said at all?  That's a subjective point and can be compared to many different things, movies for example, hence the age grading system.

So, does "adult language" in the workplace (or anywhere) offend people or like me, do you consider it part of the English language that used correctly is perfectly at home in friendly adult conversation??


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