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White Box Testing

White box testing is known as clear box testing and glass box testing. The technique in white box testing is to have a very good knowledge of the internal code. The testers need to know what the product does, what the code really does because they need to examine the output values as well as the values within the methods/procedures/function.

If the tester, does not know the code well, this kind of testing will be a failure and not accurate at all. It is ideal to do this kind of testing during the Unit Testing phase when the coding is finished.


  • Helps in making the code better and more efficient.
  • Should reveal errors/bugs in code


  • The tester needs to not only have a good knowledge of the code, but needs to view the source code while testing.
  • Cost: A skilled tester is required

In order to have good testing though, it is advised to make use of both Black box and White box testing.

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