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David Silverlight is the mastermind behind SEVERAL sites. To name a few:

David Silverlight is a geek which regards to programming and xml and yes, if you were wondering: Silverlight was named after him. David himself writes about this on his blog [see here].

In short... Bill and David met for some drinks and a chat. They talked about things in general and then started to talk about Microsoft and what David was working on. Bill told him that he wants to honour him in a better way than giving him an MVP and so it goes...

David: My instant reaction was "No way!!!, Are you going to autograph my copy of Vista?".
Bill: Keep dreaming.

David: "Are you going to offer me a that new "Chief Development Community Officer" position at Microsoft that I keep asking you about?" I even tried something worthy of such a role, I gave my rendition of "Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers."
Bill: "Chief Development Community Officer"? ROFLOL(he actually pronounced ROFLOL, which made it funnier)

David: Are you going to remove support for C# and force everybody to code in VB.NET?
Bill: Yes, but that is another conversation. Besides, you did win the race.

David: Okay, I give up.
Bill: Good, you would never guess it anyway.

Bill: Name your favorite new technology? Any technology you like! (Now he had me really curious)
David: Well, that is an easy one....WPF/E

Bill: Well, here it is.... We are going to name it after you!!!
David: Microsoft David?!?!?

Bill: Even better, we are going to name it "Microsoft Silverlight"!!! Besides, remember what happened with Microsoft Bob.
David: Wow (getting emotional). I don't know what to say. When are you going to announce it?

Bill: May of this year.
David: May!!!!! Can't you do it any earlier? April, Maybe?

Bill: I will speak with the WPFE Team...or should I say the Silverlight Team and get them to move it up.
David: Thanks, Bill

Sorry its quite late David, but congratulations! It is a really an amazing honour and I am sure you are more than proud for you achievement!

I have never met David Silverlight, but from what I read about him, and from all his comments and feedbacks for the posts I do, he seems like I great guy - not only programming wise, but a great person to talk to and have a laugh with. It would be an honour to one day meet him. Who knows, maybe one day our roads cross eh?

David Silverlight
Also known as: HeadGeek

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