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SharePoint Permissions... Part 3
People and Groups
Site Settings > Users and Permissions > People and Groups
Group is a container for assigning permission levels to a user. Permission levels are a container for storing a set of individual permissions and these permissions are what give rights to a user.
Site Permissions section lets the admin/user view the permissions assigned to particular users and groups in the site. From here, one can create new permission levels.
Creating a permission assignment

1.    Browse to the site’s People and Groups page
2.    Click the Groups heading in the Quick Launch bar – a list of groups appear
3.    Choose New > New Group – the new group page appear
4.    Type a name and description for new group
5.    Select an owner for the group – this is the person who is going to be responsible for administering this group’s membership
6.    Decide whether everyone or just group members are going to see group’s membership
7.    Indicate if group owner or members can edit the group’s membership – example group members are allowed to add users to groups that have fewer permission than them… for instance site visitors, viewers, restricted readers groups.
8.    Indicate how requests should be handled and decide whether the group should accept requests to join or leave group.
9.    Give a permission level to the group from the list of permission levels provided by SP – permission levels to the site and not individual permissions
10.Click the Create button.
Editing a SharePoint group’s access

1.    Click site permissions heading on People and Groups page
2.    Check the group you wish to edit
3.    Go to Actions > Edit user permissions
4.    Select permission level to use for this group ex: View Only option
5.    Click OK.
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