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Conquer Online - Game Review

Conquer Online, is a game that I have played for about three and a half years. I had 3 characters in all, two trojans which are characters which can hold two weapons, and i also had an archer - everyone knows what an archer is!

The environment of the game was wonderful, it is colorful and very Chinese related. Character customization is pretty amazing for a free of charge online game. At the beginning one chooses the type of character: trojan, archer, taiost or warrior, the size of their character: big or small, and either male or female. Throughout the game, one could choose different hairstyles, hair colors, garments and even color of clothes!

The gears are awesome, and there were normal gears, refined, unique, elite and super... super of course being the best! there were alot of upgrades available, but unfortunately money wasn't as easy to get, especially dragon balls, which you will need to use later on in the game.

A feature which I loved about the game is that of reborn, where a character gets born again after an amount of levels (over level 120).

The three characters I had were: archXangel, Sweetie and Steffi.

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well i also play conquer just wondering what server you play on and if you wanna talk you can e-mail me at:
Left by Michael (U.P.S.guy) Wonders: HG on Mar 30, 2009 3:29 AM

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