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User Group contributors (not just the leaders, all of those members that pitch in and help in so many ways) often peform tasks for multiple meetings events -- their pay is $0.  If they do a great job, we double their pay. 

Thanks to INETA and David Silverlight, there is now a way for these folks to track their contributions to the user group and the user community at large.  The INETA Community Excellence Award program recently launched.  They have tired to make it easy to record everything sending meeting reminders to delivering the presentation. 

The true benefit of this will come at the end of a year (or quarter) -- you can see all of the contributions you've made (many you probably forgot), but INETA can also see them (and there will be awards for high contributors).  In addition, if you are interested in becoming (or maintaining) an MVP it will help with that as well.

For more information visit the INETA Community Credit here


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