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March 2013 Entries

Exchange 2013: A new look…
The Exchange Server product line experienced a few changes with the introduction of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. Exchange Server 2013 brings with it a whole new set of services, technologies and features all aimed at enhancing user experience. With the aim to helping businesses and individuals succeed in their collaboration efforts, the new Exchanger Server 2013 drastically lowers the overall cost of ownership. Delving into the core functionality of Exchange 2013 exposes some new features. Basically, ......

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Exchange 2013: The Client Access Server
We've been beaten to death with it at this point: "Exchange 2013 introduces fundamental changes in roles and architecture compared to earlier versions." But what does this mean? Today we are going to have a look at the Client Access Server Role (or CAS for short) and what role it serves in Exchange 2013. Fundamentals Before talking about anything else we have to keep in mind that the "new" CAS Exchange role does 3 things and only those things: 1. The CAS authenticates the connection made by the user ......

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Exchange 2013: The store process
Exchange 2013, the end of the store as we know it… In the years leading up to the development of Exchange 2013 we had a process called store.exe. Many an administrator cursed at this process for taking up so much memory but yet, things were good. But they could be better! The store.exe prior to exchange 2013 was used to run all databases and keep reads and writes in the memory as much as possible. Exchange 2013 sees a continuation of keeping reads and writes in the memory (for obvious performance ......

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Exchange 2013: Managing exchange

Much has changed with Exchange 2013 and the new way of administering the service is what we will be discussing in this article.

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