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This week I had a couple meetings with employers on the theme of recruitment.
Personally, I am a fan of training and grooming rookies in a self proclaimed IT shortage as I spoke about in a previous post.

For my client, hiring a rookie is not an option (in their opinion).
They have had 1 open position for 1 year; now a 2nd position has opened.

The first open position has been posted numerous times in the employers format with little success.
When I look at job postings, I typically see this format
   1) required experiences
   2) required skills
All employer expectations; my question is, What can employees expect?

Job requirements are essential for the interview process, people need to know what tasks to expect in a job with your company.
In the IT market, employees are typically the beneficiary of multiple offers; the tables are turned as the employee is interviewing the employer. Therefore employers need to be prepared to differentiate themselves from the other organizations.

Since I have joined my current development team, 2 additional members have also joined; our team size is currently 7 members; unfortunately we are losing a key member shortly.
The dynamics of our team have changed significantly with the addition of new employees and the lose of a key employee.
I am happy to say that we are taking this as an opportunity to rebrand our team and development strategy.
We are going to adjust our strategy based on the current skills of the team and the needs of the client.

As a part of rebranding, I am recommending an employment strategy I call 'Is Your Job Sexy?'
Yes, the influence of Justice Gray (North America's favorite metrosexual software consultant) has reached my heart.

What Is a Sexy Job?
A sexy job is what work your employer (ala employer<jobs>) does that attracts developers.
Every employer has it's pros and cons; the focus here is, what does your shop do well or offer employees?

The easiest way to recruit existing talent is to find out why people are leaving their current jobs.
A quick Google will give you a number reasons to look for a new job, for example,
Reasons To Look For A New Job

For analysis, I will break these reasons into categories.

What technologies and methodologies does you team use?
Are your projects challenging?

Flexible work schedule, dress code, workstation setup, office layout

What kind of internal support do employees have access to? Business Analysts, Architects, Senior Developers
Coaching meetings, retraining

Salary and Benefits

These are all preliminary categories and items, you are welcome to adjust them how you see fit.

Someone call Wikipedia, we are breaking new ground here! Posted on Saturday, April 19, 2008 5:25 AM Musings | Back to top

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You are awesome, and so right. Companies do such a poor job of selling the opportunity it astounds me.
Left by Justice~! on May 03, 2008 2:02 AM

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