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Book Notes From: 'Scrum: Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time' By Jeff Sutherland

Here's What You Do Tomorrow

  • First step - put together a backlog and a team
  • Think about the vision you have for your product or service - start breaking things down to execute that vision
  • Always keep one eye on the backlog
  • Put together a road map of where you think things are going.
  • This type of planning - create transparency within the organization.
  • The key message is that everything is being done in the open.
  • Know that as the Product Owner you're going to be evaluated on revenue and cost.
  • Scrum is designed so that you can boot up a team in a couple of days.



  • Make a List, Check it Twice : Create a list of everything that could possibly be done on a project.
  • The Product Owner: Translates vision into backlog.
  • A Leader isn't a Boss
  • The Product Owner - had knowledge of the domain and the power to make final decisions.
  • Observe, Orient, Decide, Act (OODA)
  • Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
  • Get Your Money for Nothing, and Your Change for Free : create only new things as long as those new things deliver value.


Implementing Scrum - How to Begin

  • Pick a Product Owner
    • This person has the vision of what you're going to do, make or accomplish
  • Pick a Team
    • Who will be the people actually doing the work.
    • Teams should be 3 to 9
  • Pick a Scrum Master
    • This is the person who will coach the rest of the team thru the scrum framework.
    • Eliminate anything that will slow them down
  • Create and prioritize a Product Backlog
    • List at a high level of everything that needs to be built.
    • Exists and evolves over time.
    • Everything that could be done by our team ever
  • Refine and Estimate the Product Backlog
    • It is crucial that people who are actually going to complete the items in the backlog estimate how much effort they will take.
    • Look at each backlog item - and determine if it's doable.
    • Do not estimate in hours - estimate in terms of effort.
  • Start Planning
    • First step of the scrum meetings
    • Plan the sprint - always a fixed length of time that is less than a month.
    • Team looks at backlog and forecasts how much they can complete in this sprint.
    • The number completed is the teams velocity.
    • Scrum Master and Team are trying to improve the teams velocity every sprint.
    • Everyone agrees on the sprint goal.
    • Once the team has committed to what they can accomplish - it cannot be changed.
  • Make Work Visible
    • In Scrum - best way - create a scrum board.
    • Three columns - To Do, Doing, Done
    • Burndown Chart - one axis is the number of points the team has taken in to the sprint
    • The other axis is the number of days.
  • Daily Stand Up (Daily Scrum)
    • Heartbeat of Scrum
    • Each day - same time. No longer than 15 minutes.
      • What did you do yesterday
      • What will you do today
      • Are there any obstacles block you or the team from reaching our sprint goal
    • Helps the whole team to know exactly where  everything is in the sprint.
  • Sprint Review
    • Meeting where the team shows what they have accomplished during the sprint.
    • Anyone can come, not only the product owner
    • Open meeting - where the team demonstrates what they were able to move to Done
  • Sprint Retrospective
    • Sit and think about what went right, what could have gone better, what can be made better.
    • Requires emotional maturity and trust
    • Not seeking someone to blame.  - you're looking at the process.
    • Take responsibility for their process and outcomes - seek solutions as a team.
    • Agree on one process improvement.
  • Immediately Start the Next Sprint
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