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Book Notes from 'Scrum The Art Of Doing Twice the Work in Half The Time' - By Jeff Sutherland

Scrum at War

  • One of the most dramatic examples of cross-functional teams - military / Special Forces
  • Each team has all the capabilities to carry out their mission from start to finish.
  • Unlike the regular military - they don’t separate intelligence gathering and operations planning.
  • General Stanley McChrystal
    • Collaborative Warefare
    • Cross-functional teams from across the entire US government to target and disrupt Al Qaeda networks
    • What they did was create a cross functional team  that had all the skills necessary  to get the job done.
  • Whenever there are handoffs between teams - there is an opportunity for disaster.
  • Sharing information and resources like this isnt easy in any setting
  • Managers seize up as their resources are assigned to different teams outside their direct control
  • The Secret Weapon: High-value Target Teams as an Organizational Innovation
  • The transparency and sharing of a team threatens structures rooted in secrets and obfuscation.
  • Instead of being aligned with interests of the greater good, they're aligned with their own motivations - which are often greed and ambition.


Size Does Matter but Not the Way you Think

  • The team dynamic only works well in small teams.
  • The classic formulation is seven people, plus or minus two.
  • Brooks Law
    • Fred Brooks - adding man power to a late software project makes it later
  • Lawrence Putnam
    • Lifes work to study how long things take to make and why
    • Projects with 20 or more people on them - used more effort than those teams with 5 people
      • Not just by a bit - but by a lot.
    • He took 491 medium sized projects and hundreds of different companies -
      • Once teams grew larger than 8 - they took dramatically longer to get things done.
      • Groups of 3 to 7 people require about 25% of the effort of groups of 9 to 20 - to get the same work done.
  • Why adding more people to a project takes longer - two reasons
    • The time it takes to get everyone up to speed.
    • What are brains are capable of thinking. - the number of communication channels increases dramatically with the number of people.
  • Just like the special forces - everyone on a Scrum team has to know what everyone else is doing.
  • Too many on the team - the team socially and functionally will break into sub-teams that being working at cross-purposes.
  • Keep your teams small


The Scrum Master

  • Team  - watched Rugby team warmup from New Zeland
    • They came up with four aspects worthy of emulation.
      • Intense focus on the goal.
      • Radical collaboration
      • Hunger to crush
      • Universal excitement when a team member broke through a wall.
  • Someones job to make sure the process itself was effective.
  • Scrum master would facilitate all the meetings, make sure there was transparency, help the team discover what was getting in their way.
  • Scrum masters job to guide the team towards continuous improvement
    • 'How can we do what we do better?"
  • At the end of each sprint
    • What can we change about how we work
    • What is our biggest sticking point.
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Working with a team will help us to improve on how we build relationship to other people. - Marla Ahlgrimm
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Scrum at War is really different from others and I like this very much. In this each there is a secret weapon and each team has all the capabilities to carry out their mission from start to finish. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article and keep sharing.
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