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Book notes from: Scrum, the Art of doing twice the work in half the time. By Jeff Sutherland

  • Whenever people are involved in a complex, creative effort - traditional management methods simply break apart.
  • The launch of
    • The front end was beautiful - perfect, it was completed in three months with scrum.
    • The back end  - was a debacle.
      • They planned it with waterfall techniques.
      • They only tested the site at the end for a few days.
  • What Scrum does is bring teams together to create great things, that requires everyone not only to see the end goal, but to deliver incrementally towards that goal.
  • There is a different way of doing things - a different way of working. - if you don’t do it, you will be outsourced.
  • Learn the fundamental ways.
    • People work best.
    • Why were awful at estimating
    • Why working overtime will make your project late.
  • Takeaways
    • Planning is useful - blindly following a plan is stupid.
    • Inspect and adapt
    • Change or Die
    • Fail fast so you can fix early.


The Origins of Scrum

  • Air Force - how to control risk
    • Observer, Orient, Decide, Act
  • Wondered - can we figure out some simple rules that will guide teams to settle into a more productive, happier, supportive, fun and ecstatic state.
  • "the first thing we need to do is to stop doing stuff that is killing us"
  • We've got to figure out a better way of working and we have to start immediately
  • Idea of a product owner, a product backlog and weekly sprints


Learning to Think Like a Robot

  • From day one it as a mystery to me why people insist on working in ways they know are inefficient and wasteful and that are dehumanizing and depressing.
  • Observe, Orient, Decide and Act
  • If we could come up with a simple instruction set for teams of people to work together just like those leg (talking about a robot)
    • They would self organize and self optimize - just like the robot.


Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

  • Create a system that could coordinate independent thinkers with constant feedback about their environment, much higher levels of performance could be achieved.
  • Gantt Charts - beautiful in their precision - they were also complete fabrications.
  • I was going to give them working software at the end of the month and not a broken Gantt Chart.
  • Teams were
    • Cross functional
    • Had autonomy
    • They were empowered to make their own decisions.
    • They had a transcendent purpose.
  • Executives were
    • Servant leaders
    • Facilitators focused on getting obstacles out of their way
  • Toyota - thought their ideas tapped into something fundamental - a descriptive process on how humans work together best  in any endeavor.


Inspect and Adapt

  • Scrum came out of Japan
  • Japanese learned Scrum techniques from an American - W.Edwards Deming.
    • Deming worked for General Douglas MacAuthur
  • Measure exactly what is being done, how well its being done, and to strive for continuous improvement.
  • Don’t just get better - get better constantly.
  • Your company technicians and your factories must know that you have a fervor for advancing product quality.
  • Deming
    • Plan
    • Do
    • Check
    • Act


Change or Die



  • Hesitation is Death
    • Observe, orient, decide, act
  • Look outwards for Answers
  • Great teams are
    • Cross functional, autonomous, empowered, transcendent purpose
  • Don’t Guess
    • Plan, Do, Check, Act
    • Plan what you are going to do.
    • Do it
    • Check whether it did what you want
    • Act on that and change how you're doing things.
  • Shu Ha Ri
    • Learn the rules and form
    • Make innovations
    • Mastery - discard the forms and just be.
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