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Book notes from Essentialism by Greg McKeown

  • No employee is expected to drive to work after a red eye flight
  • Come in late after staying late at work the night before.
  • Companies and leaders like these know that 'protecting your assets' is a matter of fiduciary responsibility
  • Google to take a nap in one of their famous nap pods.
  • Our highest priority is the protect our ability to prioritize.
    • To discern the essential few from the many trivial, mediocre or even the good.
    • By definition this is a process of prioritization.
    • Filtering of options that, at first glance all look important.
  • Sleep will enhance your ability to explore, make connections, and do less but better throughout your waking hours.



  • The power of Extreme Criteria
  • 'No more Yes, It's either Hell Yeah or No.
  • Twitter leader - 'If the answer isnt a definite yes, then it should be a no.'
  • The 90 percent rule
    • As you evaluate an option - think about the single more important criteria for that decision.
    • Give the option a score between 0 and 100 - if you rate it below a 90, the automatically change it to a 0.
      • No indecision.
      • Applying highly selective criteria is a trade-off. Sometimes you will have to turn down a seemingly very good option and have faith that the perfect option will soon be coming.
    • Nonessentialists apply implicit or unspoken criteria to the decisions they make in both their personal and professional lives.
      • 'If my manager says I should do it, then I should do it.
      • 'If someone asks me to do something, I should try to do it'
  • Over time they had become more and more indiscriminate and eventually the company's portfolio of projects seems to share only the criterion that a customer had asked them to do.
  • Now it became difficult to distinguish themselves in the marketplace because their work, which had previously occupied a unique and profitable niche, had become so general.
  • Make your criteria both selective and explicit affords us a systematic tool for discerning what is essential and filtering out the things that are not.


Selective, Explicit and Also Right.

  • They began with the basic assumption that they would rather be understaffed than hire the wrong person quickly.
  • When they are looking for a new employee, they have a rigorous and systematic selection process.
  • 'If it isnt a clear yes, then it's a clear No.
  • Box CEO - Aaron Levie - on  hiring: simply asks if the person is someone he'd want to work with every day.
    • 'One of the ways we think about this, could this person have been one of the founding members of the team'
  • Jim Collins - Good to Great - if there is one thing you are passionate about - and that you can be best at - you should do that one thing.
  • Advanced Search as three questions
    • What am I deeply passionate about.
    • What taps my talent.
    • What meets a significant need in the world.
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