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Book notes from Essentialism by Greg McKeown


  • Embrace the Wisdom of Your Inner Child
  • When we get older something happens. We are introduced to the idea that play is trivial. Play is a waste of time, play is unnecessary. Play is childish
  • The Industrial Revolution  - has removed leisure and much of the pleasure out of learning.
  • Imagination is the source of every form of human achievement.
  • Some companies and executives give lip service to the value of play in sparking creativity.
  • Create the kind of playful culture that sparks true exploration.
  • Play - defined as: Anything we do simply for the joy of doing rather than as a means to an end.
  • Play has the power to significantly improve everything from personal health to relationships to education to organizations ability to innovate.
  • Play leads to brain plasticity, adaptability and creativity.
  • Nothing fires up the brain like play.


A Mind Invited to Play

  • One thing is certain, during play animals are especially prone to behave in flexible and creative ways.
  • Play expands our minds in ways that allow us to explore, to germinate new ideas or see old ideas in a new light. It makes us more inquisitive, more attuned to novelty and more engaged.
  • It fuels exploration in three ways
    • One, broadens our range of options available to us.
    • Two, it is an antidote to stress.
    • Third, has a positive effect on the executive functions of the brain.
      • Executive functions - planning, prioritizing, scheduling, anticipating, delegating, deciding, analyzing
      • Most of the skills any executive must master in order to excel in business.
  • Play doesn’t just help us explore what is essential. It is essential in and of itself.



  • Protect the Asset
  • The best asset we have for making a contribution to the world is ourselves.
  • One of the most common ways people damage this asset is through a lack of sleep.
  • It challenged the notion that sleep was an enemy of productivity, convincingly arguing that in fact sleep was a driver of peak performance.
  • Bill Clinton was quoted as saying that every major mistake he made in his life had happened as a result of sleep deprivation.
  • The way of the nonessentialist is to see sleep as yet another burden
  • NonEssentialist
    • One hour less of sleep equals one more hour of productivity.
    • Sleep is for failures
    • Sleep is a luxury
    • Sleep breeds laziness
    • Sleep gets in the way of 'doing it all'
  • Essentialist
    • One hour more of sleep equals several more hours of much higher productivity
    • Sleep is for high performers.
    • Sleep is a priority
    • Sleep breads creativity
    • Sleep enables the highest levels of mental contribution.
  • Harvard Business Review- 'Sleep Deficit: The performance killer
    • Sleep deprivation undermines high performance.
    • Full nights sleep may actually increase brain power and enhance our problems solving abilities.
  • In a nut shell - sleep is what allows us to operate at our highest level of contribution so that we can achieve more in less time.
  • Sleep is now being touted as the restorative companion to the creative executive mind.
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