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Well I've been extremely busy in the last month and have not blogged much, I'm off to Disney for a few weeks, then DevTeach and after that I'll get right back to it.


So after everybody and their dogs mentioned you all that VSTS "Orcas" B1 is finally available, I'm just going to say, go here for all the info. There are two (2) different VPC, one is with both TFS and VSTS and the other is only VSTS beware what you download ;-).  You will also need the base differencing disk to run those images.  All this info is on the download page.  The next option available are the install media themselves, which are only available on MSDN.  As I'm typing this their is the TFS install media and the VS Pro install media, we are still waiting on the VS Team Suite media.  The DVD for VS is a hefty 5.5G, man VS is getting big... I'm planning on creating my own VPCs for my internal folks and to setup scripts for installing like in v1 once I got all the parts.


The other cool thing that just came out is the TFS Migration and Synchronization Toolkit on Codeplex.  You can get to it from here.  Here is a quick feature list

  • Ability to migrate historical data for VC and WIT
  • Ability to migrate individual projects independent from one another
  • Bi-directional synchronization of data between TFS and another system allowing teams to transition over time
    • Enables integration of TFS with other VC and WIT systems (I.e. using TFS for VC but a proprietary system for bug tracking)
  • Includes several reference implementations to demonstrate toolkit capabilities and provide an example to tool authors

Looks promising...


Also, Attrice the maker of the very cool Sidekick series of tools just released version 1.3 of the TFS Sidekick.  If you never seen this, it's a very cool little application to manage workspaces, shelvesets, labels, status, etc.  Have look here.


I'm off to see the wizard... doh! different movie.  Mickey here I come!




Update: VS Team Suite "Orcas" B1 is now available on MSDN wh00t!!

Update 2: I have new TFS v1 Install scripts available that can install SP1 as well as SP2 of SQL on the Accentient site you can get them here.  I will be working on the TFS "Orcas" scripts in the coming weeks and will get Steven (Accentient) to post when available.

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TFS Event Handler project now available on CodePlex:

This is a service based system with a front-end allowing the dynamic addition of event handlers for Team System. Users can upload their own custom Handlers as part of an assembly which are then loaded and executed on the server. This application runs in conjunction with TFS (Team Foundation Server) and handles all of the events that are generated by the server.
Left by Martin Hinshelwood on Apr 30, 2007 10:05 PM

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