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You got Team Suite? Download the trial version here and install over it.  TEfDP will automatically adjust to full version see here for details or you can download 3.8 gig and install over TE and it will also adjust itself (I personally prefer the 20 Meg download).

Got Team Dev/Arc/Test then you need to buy the full version since it's a new sku on the same level as the other 3.

Got Pro, well sorry but you'll need to upgrade to one of the Team Skus and TEfDP is a good one.

By the way, TEfDP is free if you own Team Suite so rush to install...

Also you must also have a SQL Server 2005 instance (Developer, Enterprise, Express, or Evaluation edition) installed on your dev workstation to use TEfDP.

Good luck




PS Congrats to the DataDude team on shipping last week! This makes the Team Suite pretty appealing now.

Update: There is a new add-on for Team suite so it is less confusing check it out here

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