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23:00 GMT – Day 45, We have been in Swansea Wales (in the UK) for the last 3 days, The training as gone well again most people are excited about VSTS and can’t wait to be using it. We find interesting deployment opportunities at every locations which makes those trips important for us.

Swansea is by the sea, it’s a small but lovely town. We really haven’t much time to wander around being in meetings all days long. We will have a few day Friday and Saturday morning so we’ll make the best of those days before leaving for Cairo. I actually have no pictures yet (eek!) but I’ll make up for it in the next post. The Brits are great and they are very excited that their team made second round at the World Cup (well the English are anyway). We ate Indian tonight and that was very good. The cost of living here in the UK is very high, but for some things it’s just weird for example, we bought a GSM pay as you go cell phone sim for 5 Bps (British Pound) which is about 10$ vs 25$ in the US, but we pay 1 Bps for a can a coke (2$) go figure…

The cell phone network here in the UK is great but the internet infrastructure sucks it’s the worst I’ve seen yet… well NZ and Argentina a close second ;-). I’m glad I live in North America for that.

I’ll be back soon with pictures and some site seeing comments.

Back to the future… I didn’t post anything about tech-ed since the blogosphere was filled with comments that week, but let me just state a few things, the Keynote was not very exiting except for the few odd moments and the “24” spoof called “4”. I went to Data dude sessions and some WinFX (woops .NET 3.0) sessions. Boy we have a lot of stuff to cram in our little brain in the next few months it’s going to be a interesting ride. The parties were nice the best one being the VSTS influencer one where I got to meet, chat and catch up with a lot of the product group guys. One of the best session was Joel Semeniuk’s BOF on managing project with VSTS (I think there was about 50 people in the small room) but we had a great discussion on the subject.

I was gripping a lot about the Embraer regional jet being small when I go the US from Montreal but I got the try a Bombardier Regional Jet to go to Boston and well it’s a very smalllllll plane I have new respect for the Embraer now ;-).

Well I’ll be back soon



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Hi ET,
As part of your on going education on the UK...
Great Britain or United Kingdom (there is a subtle difference) is actually made up of different countries. Swansea is in Wales.
This is important when you talk about the World Cup as it is only the England team through to the next round, not Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland.
It can be important for your own safety not to cheer on England when not in England (you may have caught the news recently about the attacks in Scotland)!

BTW, internet infrastructure is variable around the UK. Hardly any free access that you're used to. However, my sister lives in NZ. You only visited the areas with good access. NZ is more rural than the UK and in rural areas you're back to 56K dial-up if you're lucky.

Happy travels.
Left by Gav on Jun 22, 2006 6:06 AM

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