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Added on January 19,2012

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In my previous two examples, we have learned on how to Upload and Save the Image to a Folder and path to database and how to Save the Image to the Database. The two previous examples only tackle the basics about uploading and saving a file without validating the file to be uploaded. In this example, I’m going to show on how to validate a file that only allows image files to be uploaded using server side validations.


Here are the code blocks below:


    private void StartUpLoad()


        if (FileUpload1.HasFile)


            HttpPostedFile postedFile = FileUpload1.PostedFile;

            if (IsImageFile(postedFile))


                //Save image here




                Response.Write("Invalid File, Cannot Upload!");





            Response.Write("Please select a File");





    protected bool IsImageFile(HttpPostedFile file)


        bool isImage = false;

        System.IO.FileStream fs = new System.IO.FileStream(file.FileName, System.IO.FileMode.Open, System.IO.FileAccess.Read);

        System.IO.BinaryReader br = new System.IO.BinaryReader(fs);

        string fileclass = "";

        byte buffer;



            buffer = br.ReadByte();

            fileclass = buffer.ToString();

            buffer = br.ReadByte();

            fileclass += buffer.ToString();




            return false;








        /*extension lists with codes


         *7173        gif

         *255216      jpg

         *13780       png

         *6677        bmp

         *239187      txt,aspx,asp,sql

         *208207      xls.doc.ppt

         *6063        xml

         *6033        htm,html

         *4742        js

         *8075        xlsx,zip,pptx,mmap,zip

         *8297        rar  

         *01          accdb,mdb

         *7790        exe,dll          

         *64101       bat



        //only allow images    jpg       gif     bmp     png     

        String[] fileType = { "255216", "7173", "6677", "13780" };

        for (int i = 0; i < fileType.Length; i++)


            if (fileclass == fileType[i])


                isImage = true;




        return isImage;




As you can see, we have checked the posted file of the FileUpload and pass it to the IsImageFile() method that returns a Boolean type for checking the actual type of the posted file. If the file contains image extension such as “jpg”, “gif”, “bmp” and “png” then it will return TRUE else it will return false.


That's it! Hope you will find this example useful!


Posted on Monday, August 3, 2009 3:21 PM ASP.NET , C# , Tips&Tricks | Back to top

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# re: Validate Image extensions upon Upload
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Very useful snippet - will add this too my image processing library!
Left by best of rss on Aug 04, 2009 12:40 AM

# re: Validate Image extensions upon Upload
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very useful...really acknowledgeable!!!!!!!!!!!
Left by Shivani on Jan 22, 2013 4:04 PM

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