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Boxing Day is Here Again!

Thursday, December 25, 2008 12:32 PM

While many children across Canada were waking up this morning relieved that Christmas had finally come, older children were forced to wait another sleep before their big day arrived! That’s right, tomorrow is Boxing Day!

In a nutshell, Boxing Day in Canada is what Black Friday is to the states: It’s all about lining up at stores at what many consider insane hours to try and get some deal. It’s also an official holiday, unlike Black Friday.

Having been a veteran of Boxing Days past, I wanted to share a bit of wisdom with you on how to maximize your Boxing Day experience! Remember that Boxing Day is only 1 part deals and a thousand parts EXPERIENCE!

Check The Weather and Dress Appropriately
This is the first year I’ll probably be taking my own advice. I always think that its not going to be *that* cold out, and I always end up not feeling my toes by the time 6AM rolls around and the doors open. Known how cold it will be and bundle up. Even if it ends up being incredibly mild, its easier to remove layers than put them on. Also, proper footwear is a must...not just to keep you warm inside, but so you can effectively RUN when you get into the store.

Plan Your Bathroom Breaks
Expect that you'll be in line for up to 5 hours (or more if you're *really* hard core), so have a bathroom plan. Know where the public washrooms are around the store you plan to camp out at.

Scope Out Lineup Area
Be prepared for how the weather will affect you in line. Most stores will have you lined up outside, with nothing to stop any wind or other elements from slamming you. Some stores are different though, offering heated lineup areas or potentially being inside of a shopping mall. For these, find out what the opening time is…although there will most definitely be lineups before the doors open, but still good to know.

Scope Out The Store Christmas Eve
Too late for this year being Christmas already, but on Christmas Eve the stores start putting out the piles of product around the store. You need to know *where* your items are going to be so you can b-line it once you hit past the sliding doors. Also, if you have some door crashers or other specials in mind, ask where they will be putting those. Some items meant for impulse grabs aren't where you would think (like at the front of the store, or by where the lineups will eventually snake around).

Know Your Product
There is *no time* for you to stop and think about whether you should grab the Sony home theatre in a box or the Samsung model while HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE RUSH AROUND YOU! You need to get in, get to your stuff, and make the grab...don't think...just do. Realize also that some products (like cameras and camcorders) will be locked behind gates and you'll have to get in line to get those items (this is the Best Buy experience anyway). If you have more than one thing you want to get, make a plan with friends: one person snags items from one section, while another gets items from another.

Ask About the Boxing Day Policies
Obviously a little late now being Christmas, but know that stores can implement their own distinct ways of distributing the goods fairly. For instance, Best Buy will come out an hour or so before the doors open asking people what they are looking for. If its one of the door crashers or specials, they will give you a ticket for that item which holds one for an hour after the doors open. This ensures that you don’t have to rush to find and snag an item…you can run and snag something else. Not all stores are this nice...and policies can change from year to year. As staff show up at the store ask them what the policies will be for that morning.

Pick Up The Paper On The Way In
Get the morning paper on your way to the store. The latest flyers, including any new items added, will be included.

Have Fun With The People In Line
You're going to be staying with people in line for a long time...be friendly and hospitable, talk to them. Not only does it let the time go by quicker and make the event more enjoyable, you can also get good intel. "My friend who works at Best Buy told me..." type of stuff, or maybe a deal that you missed in the flyer. Work the line.

Alright, that's enough to get you going. I'll be at the St. James Best Buy tomorrow morning, so stop by for a hotdog or some wings (yes, we WILL be cooking in line!) and some hot chocolate.



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