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A Guide To Boxing Day!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007 2:40 PM

A Boxing Day, that magical time after Christmas where we lineup outside at insane hours just for the opportunity of scoring some perceived deal! This year, like most others, my cousin and I ventured forth...our target: Best Buy. Below are some Do's and Don'ts for ensuring that your Boxing Day is a success!

1. Do Get Up Insanely Early

Some people camp out the night before, hoping to be the first in line to score whatever deal there is. Although this will obviously guarantee you a great spot, you don't *have* to do this. We got in line at 2:40, and were within the top 30 in line...



2. Do Come Prepared: Dress Warmly and Bring Proper Beverages

Coffee and Red Bull are must haves for such an early morning excursion. Also, make sure to get a newspaper for that day to check if any last minute flyers have been released.


You also need to ensure that when its -13 C but the windchill is pushing it beyond -20 C, and you have 3+ hours of standing outside, that you dress warmly: layer your socks, wear two hoodies if you can, good gloves, a toque, a facemask or scarf...you need to be prepared. However, you can avoid this tip if you follow rule number 3...

#3 If space permits, do park your car in line and stay warm that way.

Not only will you stay nice and warm, but you can win friends in line by offering your vehicle as a refuge for them to warm up in.


#4 Do know what you want to get for door crashers ahead of time

Best Buy, at least the one here, will hand out sheets guaranteeing you one of the door crashers if you're one of the people waiting in line...that way you don't *have* to rush to the spot to ensure that you snag one. This is a great service, as it lets you be free to run around and grab all the deals that are available, but aren't considered door crashers (or they are...but they aren't big ticket items like TV's or Camcorders, so there are no sheets).

#5 Do expect there to be idiots that try and cut in right before the doors open

It's a fact of Boxing Day that some people won't honor the code of the line, and just hover around the doors...sneaking in when an opportunity presents itself. Most stores have no way of policing it, so its up to the mob rule. Unfortunately, most of these jerks don't care about their view in popular opinion. The best thing to do to counter this? Get in line early.

#6 Do save up all the joy and kindness of Christmas in your heart for this day...because you WILL wait in insane lines to pay and patience will be a virtue

The Best Buy that we went too had what was probably the best setup, which still sucked. All cameras/camcorders had to go through one till, while home theatre all went through another, while laptops and computers went through another...all spread throughout the store...all with only one person able to man the till. That means you have crazy snakelines all over the place...and alot of grumpy people to boot! So realize that a big part of Boxing Day is waiting in line at one point or another, and that you need to remove all ideas of walking in, getting your stuff, and walking out within a 15 minute period.

#7 Do ensure that you've gone to the bathroom before leaving considering #6

You don't want to be doing the wee-wee dance while in line to pay do you? Make sure you've emptied your rounds before you leave home...that goes for your gun ammo and bomb bay doors.

If you follow these simple rules, then you will have a joyous and happy Boxing Day EVERY YEAR! Happy Holidays everyone!



# re: A Guide To Boxing Day!

Wow thanks! I’m a regular reader and enjoy your work. Keep it up! 12/26/2007 3:54 PM | Timon

# re: A Guide To Boxing Day!

D - come on down to South Carolina next winter - at least then you won't be waiting in -13C weather with snow on the ground @ 3 in the morning :) 12/27/2007 6:47 AM | Lou

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