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Valentine's Day History Lesson

Tuesday, February 14, 2006 6:11 AM

So how did this holiday start off? It goes like this:

Back in the day the Roman's had this holiday where they'd ask some wolf-god to keep the wolves away, and they'd have a big feast and put names of girls in jars. Men would pick names from the jars, and that would be their sweetheart for the year. Touching.

While Christianity was a fairly new religion, Claudius the Second, a Roman emperor, had this hot idea that if he prevented his soldiers from marrying they wouldn't want to stay at home and would be more apt to go to war. So he outlawed marriage for soldiers. A priest, Valentine, went behind the emperor's back and married couples. He was captured , tried, and put to death. Before his death though, he fell in love with the prison guards daughter (I guess he was more protestant minister than catholic priest). He wrote a romantic letter to her asking if he could be her Valentine. Then his head was cut off (or however they did it).

And that's why we give Valentine's on Valentine's day. So where do the wolves fit in? Well, St Valentine was apparantly killed on the day of this feast, and so when the church gained power they switched the day from the pagan celebration to the celebration of St. Valentine.

Hope those geeks with real lady friends remembered to send flowers, and those with virtual lady friends remembered to give a longsword +3 to their lady-orcs (or whatever race you claim in WOW).




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