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Greetings!  Short one today.  Over the last week I have had to change a set of IP addresses for a new project repeatedly.

To save time I decided to quickly make a batch script to do it for me!  The premise is that there are two computers being used for a specific task and are connecting to a real time emulator.  The software being designed assumes that whatever computer it is on the local IP address is always the same (


The users simply have to double click on the batch file to set the IP, or when they're done they double click on a second batch file to reset the network connection back to dynamically allocated (dhcp).


Batch script one:

netsh int ip set address name = "Local Area Connection" source = static addr = mask =

Batch script two:

netsh interface ip set address name "Local Area Connection" dhcp


Very short, very simple, but saves me a ton of time!  That's all for now!



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