DAX Studio 2.8.1 released

So thanks to a couple of early adopters we’ve found and hopefully squashed a few bugs that managed to sneak into the 2.8.0 release and the 2.8.1 release is now live on https://daxstudio.org

v2.8.1 Includes all the features from 2.8.0 along with the following fixes:

  • Fixed a crash when launching DAX Studio by double-clicking on a .dax file (related to a race condition that only occurs in release builds) - thanks to @speschl for reporting the cause of this issue
  • Fixed a crash when opening a file after closing all other windows (related to the issue above)
  • Attempted to fix a random crash when clicking on various tabs - this appear so to be related to this issue in AvalonDock 3.4 so we've rolled back to AvalonDock 3.3

Print | posted on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 12:01 PM