February 2009 Entries

How to build your own Super Model - Melbourne SQL User Group
Next week I am giving my talk talk on "How to build your own Super Model" to the Melbourne SQL User Group. This is the same one that I presented to the Adelaide User Group last month. It is an introductory look at dimensional modeling for Analysis Services. Where we will talk about what it is, how it’s done and look at the features that Analysis Services provides to support some of the different modeling techniques. The focus of this session will be around the various types of dimension usage, looking ......

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BIDS Helper 1.4 released
A little while ago we released v1.4 of BIDS Helper. Quite a few of you seem to have found it anyway, but for those of you who have not, below is a summary of what you can find in this release. Release 1.4 contains a number of new features: Analysis Services Parent-Child Dimension Naturalizer Test Aggregation Performance Integration Services Sortable Package Properties Report Reporting Services Dataset Usage Reports Delete Dataset Cache FilesAnd it contains a number of enhancements and bug fixes: ......

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