Codeplex RSS Feed for the entire project (not)

A little while ago the team that work on the BIDS Helper project discovered something interesting about codeplex. Codeplex Wiki pages have the facility to allow people to add comments, but unlike all the other places where people can interact with a codeplex project, for some reason wiki pages are not included in the projects RSS feed. So if you have ever added a comment to a page on a codeplex project and wondered why the author never acknowledged your comment, this could be why.

Hopefully the codeplex team can address this soon. There is a work item posted here that requests that wiki comments be included in the projects RSS feed so that project teams can be notified of comments rather than having to do periodic manual checks through the wiki pages. In the time being if you have comment, question or suggestion that you want a response to you are better off using the discussion or issues tabs

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Print | posted on Tuesday, August 26, 2008 9:30 PM