BIDS Helper 1.3 Released (now with support for SQL 2008)

I am pleased to announce that the BIDS Helper team have just released v1.3 which is our first release with support for SQL Server 2008.

With these release we have also improved our international support. All of the features in BIDS Helper still only display in English in their user interfaces. But in previous versions, some of the features of would not work at all in non-English versions of BIDS because of the way we were integrating into BIDS. This has now been fixed and all of the features of BIDS Helper should work regardless of the language in BIDS.

The expression highlighting in SSIS has been expanded to include highlighting variables that have expressions set on them.


And you can easily bring up an edit window for variable expressions .


And continuing on the SSIS variable theme, we have added support for changing variable scopes without having to delete and re-create them.


And there are a number of subtle things like adding a "sort by name" option in various places


Below is the full list of the new features in this release.

Analysis Services

Dimension Data Type Discrepancy Check

Non-Default Properties Report

Printer Friendly Aggregations

Similar Aggregations

Smart Diff

Integration Services

Deploy SSIS Packages

Fix Relative Paths

Non-Default Properties Report

Reset GUIDs

Sort Project Files

SSIS Performance Visualization

Pipeline Component Performance Breakdown

Variables Window Extensions

New Deployment Option

Finally, there are 4 different downloads in this release, you have your choice of a SQL Server 2005 version and an SQL Server 2008 version and each of these has the option for either a full install or an xcopy deployment for those people who may want to install BIDS Helper on a machine where they do not have admin rights.

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