Monad/MSH/Powershell What's in a name

I think I'm with Mitch on this one. I'm not overly keen on “PowerShell“, the new name for Monad. The product team have already renamed their blog to PowerShell, so it could be pretty much a done deal, but there seems to be a fair bit of criticism on Scobles post about the new name. While there are some people who point out some worse possible names, there are not many people showering the new name in praises. I quite liked Monad and even MSH was acceptable (although I don't know if Microsoft would like Scott Hanselman's mush variation).

It still won't stop me using it though, what ever they call it - it rocks. I have been playing with some Analysis Services integration and hope to post some more on this soon.

Print | posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2006 9:38 PM