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MonoGame Project Types Explained

In this post, I’ll cover the various types of MonoGame projects you can create within Visual Studio.


Assuming you’re running MonoGame 3.5.1 (from the installer) your New Project dialog should look something like the picture above. If you’re pulling down more recent (i.e. unreleased) builds, then you’ll likely notice some differences, such as OUYA being removed, and new projects possibly being added.

MonoGame Windows Project

This first project type is the one I’ll be using in the next few sections. This is the standard Windows game project.

MonoGame Windows 10 Universal Project

This project type allows you to create games for one or more device families, such as Desktop, Mobile, IoT, Xbox, HoloLens. For more information about Universal Projects and Device Families, be sure to read this post.

MonoGame Android Project

If you want to create games for Android smartphones and tablets, using C#, this is the project for you.

MonoGame Content Pipeline Extension Project

I’ll go into a lot more detail on the content pipeline in a later section, but essentially this project type enables you to create your own content types, or modify how existing ones are processed for your games.

MonoGame OUYA Project

Remember the OUYA? Yeah, me either. Unfortunately, this little Android powered console didn’t survive, and this project type didn’t either.

MonoGame Cross Platform Desktop Project

This project allows you to create games for Linux and Mac, and WIndows of course. More on this later too.

MonoGame iOS Project

Want to make iPhone and iPad games? Well, you’re going to need a Mac to deploy them, but you can start coding them thanks to this project.

Next up…

I’ll cover what you get in the MonoGame Windows Project, and take a look at what all the various sections mean. If you came directly to this page, you can find the complete list of articles here.

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