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Chris G. Williams Beware: I mix tech and personal interests here. May 2012 Entries
Avengers Assemble (the non-spoily micro review)
Caught the midnight showing of the Avengers last night. I won't get spoily on you, because I hate them myself, but I will leave you a few tidbits: 1) The Hulk totally steals every scene he's in. Mark Ruffalo totally nails it as Banner.2) There are TWO easter eggs in the credits, not just one. Stay until the lights come on.3) The movie rocked. People stood up and cheered a few times. (Ok, it was mostly me, but seriously... GREAT movie.)4) Yes, there are some comic relief scenes, but they are (IMO) ......

Posted On Friday, May 4, 2012 11:46 AM

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