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As a VB MVP and someone who really loves VB in general, this kind of news really makes me smile…

Microsoft has heard your feedback that VB/C# content parity is a top priority for the VB community. Given that, this issue has become a top priority for the languages team.

The Approach
We’ve gone about a prioritized approach, in order to fill holes for the most important technologies and content types first. Here are some general guidelines we’ve used… Technologies are prioritized by the number of current VB.NET users, as well as how “hot” the area is (i.e. Windows Azure or Windows 7). Content types are prioritized by how “core” they are to the official product. For example, first the product needs to support VB.NET, then the official MSDN Help documentation needs to be available in VB.NET, and then the Microsoft samples and training kits (including videos, tutorials and hands on labs) need to be available in VB.NET.

The Content So Far…
Below is the list of projects that are being done as partnerships between VSL and partner teams. Many teams have stepped up in the past year to improve their VB.NET support, and other teams have been doing this all along. In the coming year, we still have a lot more work to do.

·         MSDN Magazine Code Downloads
·         Entity Framework Samples
·         Visual Studio Express Samples
·         WPF “Prism” Quickstarts, Samples, Hands On Labs
·         WPF MSDN Help Documentation (Started)
·         WPF Hands On Labs (Started)
·         WindowsClient.NET WPF Video Code Downloads
·         WindowsClient.NET WPF Video Code Downloads
·         Windows7 API Code Pack Samples
·         Silverlight MSDN Help Documentation (Started)
·         Silverlight Toolkit Samples
·         Silverlight Hands On Labs (Started)
·         Silverlight.NET Full Tutorials
·         Silverlight.NET Video Code Downloads
·         ASP.NET Tutorials
·         ASP.NET Video Code Downloads
·         VS2010 / .NET Framework 4.0 Training Kit- Hands On Labs & PowerPoints (Started)
·         Windows Azure Training Kit- Hands On Labs (Started)
·         Windows Azure Video Code Downloads
·         .NET Services SDK Samples
·         .NET Services Video Code Downloads
·         DotNet-U Presentation Materials
·         RampUp courses
·         MEF & VS Extensibility Hands On Lab

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# re: VB / C# Language Parity
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This IS good news for us VB'ers! Thanks for sharing
Left by Brian Hawkins on Oct 12, 2009 4:42 PM

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