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The Noble Eightfold Path (also known as the Middle Way) is, in the Buddhist tradition, considered to be the way that leads to the end of suffering and is essentially a practical guide of mental rehabilitation and mind deconditioning.

The eight elements of this path are divided into three basic categories: Wisdom, Ethical Conduct & Mental Discipline.

Wisdom contains two elements:

1. Right Understanding (or Right View), which is an understanding of the 4 Noble Truths (knowledge of suffering, knowledge of the origination of suffering, knowledge of the cessation of suffering and knowledge of the practice leading to the cessation of suffering.)

2. Right Thought (or Right Intention), which deals with a persons reasons for practicing Buddhism and with his or her outlook towards the world. It enjoins renunciation of worldly things, a greater commitment to spiritual matters, good will and a commitment to nonviolence towards other living beings.

Next post I will cover Ethical Conduct.

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