August 2010 Entries

Monetizing your WP7 Applications and Games with Windows Phone Marketplace - Resources 8/30/10
As you might or know – Windows Phone 7 launch of final developer tools is coming very soon and Marketplace is opening it’s doors for submissions of WP7 apps & games in early October. I urge you to get up to date on this communication – ‘A Developer’s Roadmap to Windows Phone 7 Launch Timing’. I recently presented a session at spectacular Jacksonville Code Camp on 8/28/2010 in a wonderfully put together full-day track on Windows Phone 7. If you missed my presentation - here is a link to a video ......

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Windows Phone 7 FireStarter and Garage Events - East Coast Tour Fall 2010
[ A shameless repost of Joe Healy’s blog post ] Windows Phone Garage and FireStarter - East Coast Tour Fall 2010 Dream It. Build It. The power to build smart, visually stunning games and applications is right in your hands with Windows Phone 7. Want to see what's under the hood? You are invited to join your local Microsoft Developer Evangelists for an inside look at the Windows Phone 7 platform. You'll learn how to harness the strength of Silverlight and XNA to create compelling user experiences ......

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