October 2007 Entries

Tampa Bay IASA - First Meeting Success
Inaugural Meeting for the Tampa Chapter of IASA was last night October 30th. Jeff Barnes was presenting - "The role of Software Architect" Tom Fuller is heading up the group and has been giving talks on SOA last few years and has been talking about forming a group for a while. Congrats to him on finally making it happen. Tom recently just had a baby and we all are really found of that. If you are an aspiring software architect wanting to learn more about being an architect, you are in a role of a ......

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I don't read TechCrunch

I really really don't see the point, it's like reading Scoble's blog - no thanks.

They consistently miss the point and are too old to undestand the "Social" stuff and just end up speculating junk.

What amazes me is the number of people that listen...


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.NET Tiki Hut Rocked!
I had a pleasure of sitting in at the Tampa .NET Tiki Hut - oh wow - what an event Silverlight everywhere. -> http://www.dotnettikihut.com/ Tampa had an extended event including - Bill Reiss and Jim Zimmerman - both great MVPs. Main speakers are Joe Healy and Jeff Barnes - which did an amazing job! This is one of the few events lately that got me wanting to go back and code some stuff. Check out the rest of the event schedule : 11/02/2007, Friday, Orlando, FL hosted by OneTug - Orlando .NET User ......

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USF Halo 3 Party Oct 9th 6-9PM
Halo 3 Party FREE Tue. 6-9 PM at Hookah Hangout link to HH theFacebook link here XBOX 360 Games + Halo 3 as prizes for coming and for playing. All welcome: teams, singles, with or without controllers. TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY Wanna win a copy of Halo 3 for yourself? Maybe some other games? Looking to get some 4x4 or other variations of Slayer or CTF going for some free prizes. Other game types are still in works. Hang out and chill with your friends, possibly some free food. Just plan ......

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