Silverlight Relief

If you ever heard me speak in person I was always raving about WPF's ability to scale applications and how useful that would be simply for convenience to accessibility uses.

Here is a simple example of an entire application resizing with the browser that even a busy developer can appreciate:

This Video player will scale as you resize the window - think it's not that cool?Try to open another video player and compare how easily you can find a spot on your screen real estate to place it in.

Right now as I am typing this blog, watching a video in that player, comfortably. I am using the full size text editor for this blog entry, while conveniently placing a video player just the right size so I can still see my remote desktop installing some Virtual Machines.

My Point is: Silverlight will let us utilize our screen real estate the way we want to. Not the way some developer thinks we should. I have a tiny laptop screen right now, but when I get home and plug it into a big wide screen, I'd stretch the player out and enjoy more developer videos in a bigger format.

PS: Longhorn Server is still kicking along just fine, this has been the most enjoyable OS I have ever worked with.

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