May 2006 Entries

"Upgrade Your Game" Microsoft Express Promo Contest
Here comes another Express contest / starter kit / resource guide. What will they think of next!? Hey, at least they are trying to hit every possible segment of the market with this, unlike our competition*, wait what competition?! Microsoft - we got something for everyone! More: http://www.upgradeyourgame.... [*non-Microsoft platforms, not GWB Gaming Contest] ......

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I got a job

I finally have a well paying job and I am excited about it, it's been too long. I am a developer/dba/admin for a very fast growing local company.

I worked with the team before and I am familiar with the product. I can't wait to start next week.

So USF keeps me and I get a sweet job, this is my month so far.

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For those wondering about my future
I will be staying at University of South Florida and continue my Management Information Systems degree. I am going to re-apply for 2006-2007 Microsoft Student Ambassador position at USF. I also hope to get awarded a Lead MSA for my district. I am very happy with these news. I am committed to this decision and will move forward. Florida .NET Community has nothing to worry about anymore ......

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Windows Mobile: What is WiMo?
Saw this short video on C9 about Windows Mobile devices. In case you wanna see size comparisons on one table to HTC Unversal, Moto Q and Wizard as well as others - see this video. Channel9: Mel Sampat and Brian Cross - Microsoft Mobile App Compat: WM Blog about WiMo: I love how you can actually control Voice Command and have a SmartPhone say anything you want. I can think of some ......

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If you are a student, you asked me about it, so here it is...
How do I get bata of this or beta of that? And in most cases I either have a CD somewhere, or I unfortunately tell you that one has to be atleast a MSDN Subscriber. Now Students have their own BETA place where they can register and receive better chances of being approved for a BETA program - Beta Experience from Microsoft [ “By registering for the Student Beta Experience you’ll receive exclusive information about Windows ......

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Windows Live Messenger BETA available as a public download
Download Windows Live Messenger BETA here: No more need for invites or bribes: ......

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Windows Live Messenger BETA update Part 2
1. Just realized that I just can't send an attachment or receive one with out having a anti-virus scan it. Good thing is that there Windows Live Safety Scanner that you can install right from your Options menu. I sense Windows Live Messenger moving toward a true SIP product soon. 2. Sounds are now managed from inside options and not showing up in the Control Panel -> Sounds 3. If you type alot in IM, like me, you are tired of repetative headers when you are the last person talking for last minute ......

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Windows Live Messenger BETA update
Download Windows Live Messenger BETA here: Download stable 8.1 Messenger here: Booted up today and got the new Windows Live Messenger update, looks a bit cleaner, runs a bit faster and UI is more responsive. Exams are almost over with, I got few last details on final projects to finish up tomorrow and summer[aka Contracting Season] begins ......

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Crosspost of "Google fears IE 7" [cough] turned into a Rant, enjoy
Read like first 5-10 posts to get as angry as me: I don't think Microsoft will ever release a patch for virus code named - Stupid, atleast for a while... I just added like everything possible I would ever need though this page: Which is very clearly provided from IE 7 menu's - very 'basic user' friendly imho Some ppl just always want to find ways to complain about this and that. They ......

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