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John Negron, Founder / Be a Doer

The path from developer to founder takes people on many different paths. In the process of creating a non-profit volunteer pipeline and event management platform, Be a Doer founder John Negron discovered his experience to be a lot harder than expected. Negron grew up in an immigrant family with not much initial interest in computers. While working at NASA and starting out in C++, Perl, and the .Net space, Negron was an avid volunteer in his community. During this time, he found that while organizations are great at serving people or communities in need, they struggled to engage volunteers in a meaningful and valuable way. Later, this experience would be the foundation for Be a Doer.

Throughout his career as a developer, Negron has dabbled in start-ups and product launches before his own journey began. “As a dev, the markets I’ve been in, there are a lot of people with great ideas. Every now and then, I get a pitch to come be the CTO of ‘this’. I wanted to help, and I did here and there.” However, after taking a hard look at his own passions and skillsets, he decided to focus on something that would feel less like work. After volunteering at a soup kitchen in NYC, the idea for Be a Doer really came to life. “It really just became a hobby, like, wouldn’t this be cool.” While working full time as a developer, he slowly began to transition into the founder role. “As a business person, it’s not just about the product, or about a hobby. Getting into an accelerator program really helped me realize this.” After a successful soft launch and seeing traction with the product, he decided to go all in.

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