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Adding CORS support for ASP.NET / WebAPI: The no hassle way
If you are working with WebAPIs, you inevitably will have to deal with CORS. This is a good read for the uninitiated. I won't go into the specifics of how browsers issue, and servers handle (or should handle) CORS, but at a high level, the following sequence of events occur when you need to update/create a resource from a domain other than the one your app originates from. Client web app from domain "" issues a POST/PUT/PATCH to a resource on domain "" The browser needs to know whether ......

Posted On Saturday, June 4, 2016 10:01 PM

ASP.NET Caching
I needed a quick way to cache some data for a feature I’m currently working on. The scenario is that the user should be able to type ahead and be presented with a list of matching options (AJAX auto complete). This data is coming from an external web service and is exposed via the core API of the application which in turn is exposed over WCF. So for AJAX to be able to get to this data it must talk to the WCF service, but this is not directly possible since cross site scripting is not allowed in the ......

Posted On Friday, April 24, 2009 11:22 PM

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