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I didn't really expect this post to go live. But, since I need to test the embed code for a video on, I figured I may as well make it a real post.

Here's the deal: Susan Reynolds, a good Twitter friend, was recently interviewed by WUSA about the Frozen Pea Fund. You all know about that fund already... My contributions to it start with you buying a book. WUSA aired the piece on Monday. You can find it on their site. But we wanted to do more - and they are letting us. The goal is that the video will be embedded on both the FrozenPeaFund site and on BoobsOnIce.

Before I can send the embed code out to them, though, I need to test it. So, you all get to be test subjects. Let me know if the video works, will you? 

Looks from here like it is working. Let's see if you all can see it. - Update: Some of you will see a Flash object, others of you won't. If you don't, go here and just watch the video.

By the way, this is one of the reasons I moved the blog. I got sick of not being able to do any video embeding in the blog. Having to just do the links was an absolute pain.

In case you are wondering what is, it is a service provided by TechSmith for hosting videos. If you have a Jing account, you get a small amount of free space and free bandwidth. You can purchase plans for both more space and more bandwidth. With, you can store your media online in a secure manner, yet still allow access to it as needed.

For me, it is a great place to store my screencasts - created with Jing, SnagIt or Camtasia. The upload is easy; the access is easy. The email and embed codes are created automatically for you. I can set each piece of media to be downloadable or not.

The other big plus for me is the ability to see the stats of how many times a piece has been seen and how much bandwidth and space it is costing me. No one looking at it? Delete it.

Easy as pie! Try it! And tell them Kathy sent you!

Posted on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 7:07 PM SocialMedia , TechSmith , PEAple | Back to top

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