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Vitamin CH Chocolate: that substance without which we would get nothing done

I am ready to take this blog in a new direction. I want more control over the side panel content and I want more freedom to write. LockerGnome has been great to me, but it is time to spread my wings a bit.

Since I started Vitamin CH just over a year ago, my focus has changed. I am now much more into Social Media than traditional computer projects. When I started Vitamin CH, I was project manager for a reasonably sized coding project. The project was intended to change the way people did PowerPoint. Unfortunately, it had no funding and died a terrible death.

Since then, my life has changed directions. I am on Twitter (constantly). FaceBook, which was just something I checked once in a while, is now open on both machines at all times. I have contacts that I only connect with there. went from something I played with because a friend recommended it to a tool I use all the time to check who someone is and how I connect with them. I have been on Linked In for years, but never did much with it. Now, I actually answer questions on it once in a while as well as connect with people through it.

In addition to these major social sites, I am on so many other social sites that I have started a OneNote page just to track them. Almost everywhere, I am CallKathy. Works for me - does it work for you?

But those are just the connectivity changes. I have also changed my focus. I don't do as much PowerPoint consulting as I used to do. I get sick of telling people that PowerPoint isn't the enemy, it's just a tool. How you use it makes more difference than if you use it. I still reach out to the PowerPoint world in many ways, but it isn't the only thing anymore.

So, why go to a blog for geeks? Because I still want to make a difference in how people communicate, connect, and contribute. I want to help people understand that social media isn't just for the Mac users, the artists, the video and audio crowd. Social media allows everyone to connect and find common ground. It helps us all help each other. The more we help each other, the more difference we make in each other's lives.

That's what it all comes down to: I don't write just to have my words appear on your screen. I write in hopes that something I have to say makes a difference in your life. And so - a new approach and a new blog.

Posted on Thursday, January 24, 2008 8:05 PM SocialMedia | Back to top

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