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Got a bad case of "Return-to-work-itis" going here after breathing air of a different blend for a week.

It's only quarter to 9 and already I've got the headset cranked because motor-mouth in the next cubicle can't constrain herself.

The self-important drivers in the HOV lane, the idiot that wouldn't turn into what is clearly a turn lane built to let people get off the 101 onto McDowell easily, the guard that inspected my bag because I don't have an employee badge -- these are a few of my 'unfavorite' things so far today.

"My Favorite Things" ... typically a Christmas song, but what a great jazz chart that can be... played that with a small group in '67 at University of Illinois... the piano player was awesome... he could play everydamninstrument in the group as well as we could! <-- that had nothing to do with this post, just a freebie

I know where the IT department tracking files live on this box, and yesterday I noticed they actually tried to install Silverlight 3... really! ... I was impressed, but I also noticed that it failed because I've got the public Silverlight 4 beta on here. Surprised I haven't heard about that yet, I'm sure it's sitting in a report on someone's desk.

Last week there were employees running all over the place with notebooks open, sitting down in open areas and coding. Sharing information via social networks of all sorts. In general collaborating and being productive.

This week I'm back to "oh no you don't"... the only portable device like that has to be owned by the company, heaven forbid you bring in a personal one. Social Networking... WTF is that? and collaboration only exists within the silo you're a part of.


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