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Maybe I shouldn't have been up til 12:30 coding last night, because things are pissing me off this morning.

I check in with my class on the morning of the last day (today) and the one student that is a self-proclaimed "experienced programmer" has yet to interact with his team on the paper due at midnight tonight. Maybe he's spending all his time hand-compiling the Week 6 program, because I don't believe he's run the compiler yet on anything. That was obvious in Week 5 when it wouldn't compile, and we're talking *simple* programs in C.

If he plans on playing the system and taking credit for a team paper he didn't contribute to, he should have read MY syallabus. I modify the standard UOP one and add in this disclaimer interleaved with the boilerplate from the syllabus builder: "However, I reserve the right to report different grades for different team members if I see a substantial imbalance in the level of effort put forth." I have no problem giving someone a zero for their zero contribution... so we'll see.

Then there was the a--hole that pulled into the carpool lane in front of me this morning ... hey spanky... that cardboard box on your front seat doesn't count as a passenger unless you blow her up! ... and the reason I was riding your axx was because you were doing 55 in the carpool lane solo where the speedlimit is 65... honestly, you don't have to hold your speed at your IQ... really!

I really think ADOT should be proud of what they've constructed on the 101. I only wish I could make the designers drive it every day with me. There is absolutely no enforcement that I have seen of the carpool lane. People like that mental midget this morning drive in the diamond lane without a care in the world. Or the blonde in the little white car last Friday using the diamond lane like a passing lane. Why not? I drive the 101 a total of about 1-1/2 hours a day and I've NEVER seen a cop pick anyone off for driving solo. When I'm driving by myself, I bet there are 50 cars pass me in the carpool lane that are solo. And yeah that 25 year-old Toyota truck with a ladder hanging out the back is NOT a mixed-fuel vehicle, so don't bring that up!

And one other thing about the genius HOV design... going West on the 101 it's always been a bottleneck where they cleverly have the 51 end up in a single lane of about 1/2 mile of cars having to merge into 3 lanes that's trying to do the speedlimit, but now add to that merriment the fact that those of us that are carpooling have to *somehow* merge into that freakin' mess just before the 51... so there's some rocket scientist involved in that design that I'd like to give a round of applause to... or make him drive the 101 West every night. Half my commute is spent between the bottleneck at the 51 and the house ... and that's about 1/4 of the distance... sigh!

How about enforcing the carpool lane? I found this site: HOV Violation Fines, and if that's right, $354 X 50 would be $17700 (at least) in the first day especially for a cash-strapped state, plus numb-nuts from this morning would get 3 points on his license.

Well, the Excedrin is kicking in, so gotta get some work done...

Posted on Monday, January 25, 2010 11:00 AM General , Rants | Back to top

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