Notes From Computers 2K8 Radio Show! (August 10, 2008)

"Good morning everybody, you're tuned to Computers 2K8 on sports radio 850 The Buzz" and so began today's show as we do every Sunday morning from 8am - 10am here in Raleigh, NC. You can download the show from the show's website or you can listen do us live as we stream the show across the web.

Here a few of the topics discussed on this week's show...

NovaShield anti-malware software

We spoke with Dr. Somesh Jah of NovaShield about their anti-malware software. Sounds like good stuff...

Olympics Using Microsoft Silverlight!

Head over to the NBC Olympics site and watch LIVE video feeds of events as they occur. All of the video streaming is utilizing the new Microsoft Silverlight technologies and will require you to download the small plug-in and you'll be watching events as they happen.

Microsoft Finalizes SQL Server 2008

WHAA-HOO!! Microsoft has finally gotten SQL Server 2008 out the door!

Delta To Offer Wi-Fi on all their flights!

Delta Airlines will become the first domestic U.S. airline to offer in flight wi-fi... very cool. Prices are $9.95 for short flights, $12.95 for longer flights.

That's all....Have a day. :-|

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