Notes From Computers 2K8 Radio Show! (July 6, 2008)

"Good morning everybody, you're tuned to Computers 2K8 on sports radio 850 The Buzz" and so began today's show as we do every Sunday morning from 8am - 10am here in Raleigh, NC. You can download the show from the show's website or you can listen do us live as we stream the show across the web.

Here a few of the topics discussed on this week's show...

Survey: More than 10,000 laptops lost each week at airports!

Holy cow! 10,000 a week???  This is what a story on Computerworld reported on June 30th. 10,000 a week??? REALLY?? Have you ever lost your laptop at an airport? Fortunately I carry my laptop around in a backpack that rarely comes off when I'm in the airport. I also have a number of stickers on my laptop so that when it comes through the machine at the security checkpoint there is NO DOUBT who's machine it is.

DSL: Damn Small Linux

Somehow I got started discussing the benefits of virtualization using Virtual PC and we had a caller tell us about Damn Small Linux. The DSL website says "Linux is a very versatile 50MB mini desktop oriented Linux distribution." Looks like a complete OS that fits on a thumbdrive. Looks pretty cool. I'm going to check it out.

Chrysler Adds In-Car Wi-Fi

Chrysler has announced that they are going to be adding in-car wi-fi as an available option on their cars in August.  Family vacations for Dads driving the family to their destination will never be the same... little Johnny will be playing an online video game, little Susie will be updating her MySpace page, and the wife will be surfing the web shopping. Finally, some peace and quiet for dear ol' Dad driving along... He'll be so content driving he won't notice the car right behind him stealing the wi-fi signal... :-)

SDD Prices They Are a Falling

OCZ has jumped into the SSD market with some very affordable priced SSD drives. Check out this story on Daily Tech.

Have a day. :-|

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