Building Business Applications With Silverlight 2.0 (DevTeach post-con event)

Just thought I'd give people attending (or thinking about attending) DevTeach next month a heads up that Rod Paddock and I have changed out the session we were doing for a Silverlight 2.0 session. Rod Paddock (MVP and CoDe magazine Editor) and I are going to be presenting a day-long, post-conference Silverlight 2.0 event after DevTeach 2008 (Friday, May 16th) in Toronto next month. Here is the text from the DevTeach site:

Make plans to stay an extra day after the conference to take advantage of this opportunity to join veteran software developers Rod Paddock and Jim Duffy as they give you a head start down the road to developing business-oriented Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with Microsoft Silverlight 2.0. In case you just crawled out from under a rock, Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 is a cross-browser, cross-platform, and cross-device plug-in positioned to revolutionize the way next generation Rich Internet Applications are developed. Microsoft’s commitment to providing an extensive platform for developers and designers to collaborate on creating the next generation of RIAs is very clear and its name is Silverlight 2.0. In this intensive, full-day workshop, Rod and Jim will share their insight and experience building business applications with Silverlight 2.0 including a review of some of the Internet’s more visible Silverlight web applications. Make it a priority to not let yourself or your organization get left behind. Come join Rod and Jim as they provide an in-depth look at the future of Rich Internet Application development with Microsoft Silverlight 2.0.


We hope to see you in the audience!

Have a day. :-|

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