I'm on TV, Ok, Well dnrTV Discussing Virtual Earth

I was given a wonderful opportunity to make an appearance on DotNetRocks TV (dnrTV) last week. I'll use Carl Franklin's words to describe my appearance:

"Jim Duffy comes to the dnrTV screen this week with a great presentation using Microsoft's Virtual Earth in ASP .NET. Jim shows you how to incorporate live maps in your applications complete with push pins, lines, shapes, links and more."

While it doesn't say it specifically, I also covered how to import GeoRSS data feeds into Virtual Earth providing a way to quickly and easily display your existing data in a geospacial format. If you haven't tried adding Virtual Earth features to your ASP.NET applications you really ought to give it a try. It is VERY straightforward, is well documented, and just requires a little JavaScript coding.

You'll also notice on the dnrTV page I'm giving VB some lovin' with the picture I selected... :-)  My thanks to Microsoft Program Manager on the Visual Studio Community Team, Beth Massi who's Northwind Meets Virtual Earth - Generate VE Maps with LINQ blog entry was very helpful!  You rock Beth!

Have a day. :-|

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