Why? Why? Why??? Power cord hell!

Why is it that every electronic device needs to have it's own specific power cord? Ok, I'll even be more specific. Why is it that every laptop computer I own has a different power cord?? Shouldn't there be a standard or something that says "All laptop power cords look and work like this." You can expand this to cell phones as well. Every cell phone I've ever owned has a completely different power cord and connector than any of the others, even those from the same manufacturer!

The advent of wireless battery recharging show promise but still, it sure would be nice if power cords for the same type of device (laptops, cell phones, PDAs, cable modems, routers, cameras, MP3 players, etc.) were all standardized based on the type of device. That way when you buy a new toy you could have the option of buying a power cord to go with it.  Have you even noticed the power cord for your desktop computer? They're interchangeable. Yes, desktop power cords all look the same. Yeah, I know it has to do with all the inverters, transformers, and other electro-mumbo jumbo stuff being housed in the desktop computer power supply and all but couldn't they do the same with the other devices or figure out a way to standardize the power cords and connectors??? I mean come on!!

Have a day.

posted on Friday, July 6, 2007 11:26 AM Print
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