Notes From Today's Computers 2K7 Radio Show!

For those of you who don't know, for years now I've been one of the in-studio co-hosts for Computers 2K7, a call-in radio show on Sunday mornings from 8am - 10am on 850 The Buzz in Raleigh, NC. We had some good calls and talked about a number of topics this morning.  Each week the show is available for download on the Computers 2K7 page.

Problem with XP Auto Login and the .NET Framework

We had a caller who was experiencing a problem with the auto login feature of XP and the .NET Framework. From Start -> Run enter Control Userpasswords2 to bring up this dialog. The check box near the top of the dialog specifies is you want to auto login or not.

She said she couldn't get the auto login feature working because the .NET Framework was installed on her machine. She uninstalled it and XP's auto login worked fine. She needed the .NET Framework for software on her machine so she reinstalled it. I said I hadn't heard of that problem before but I did some research and it does indeed exist. I found a Microsoft Support article on the subject and it appears to be an issue related to the .NET Framework 1.1. The fix appears to be installing the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1. That should be an available option through Windows Update.

Here are links to a few of the stories I reported about.

Headless zombie wanders San Francisco! It's incredible what you can find on Google Street View! Be careful next time you're wondering around San Francisco!

Google Maps has introduced their new drag and drop driving directions feature... very cool stuff indeed! You enter your beginning and ending destinations and Google Maps provides driving directions. Nothing new there. The new feature is that you can drag and drop points along the route to reconfigure your route and a floating ticker automatically updates the distance and duration of the trip.

Jack PC: The Wall Socket PC  Yeah, I know it only runs WinCE but the idea is pretty cool. A machine you plug into an outlet, use some wireless peripherals, and viola! you same precious desk and/or floor space. One flash hard drives become the norm something like this starts to look very viable.

As is usually the case, the topic of anti-virus software came up. We recommend our listeners download and install the free version of AVG Anti-virus

As he mentioned during the show, Amnon burned a couple of his fingers on a generator this week!


"That's it for today's show... don't forget to backup your hard drive and update your anti-virus scanner. We'll see you again next Sunday at 8 on 850 The Buzz"

Have a day.

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It is indeed interesting what you can find in Google Street View. Check out this huge list:
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