Gretel is in VetHab, not rehab!

While this post has nothing to do with software development, it does have plenty to do with my piece of mind and one of my business consultants, Gretel. Gretel is our 12 year old German Shepherd and she's had trouble with her hips now for a few years.

That's Gretel surfing the web, checking her email, reading blogs...

The good news is that right here in Raleigh we are lucky enough to have Dr. Sherman and the good folks over at VetHab. They have helped her in the past using the water treadmill and other canine physical therapy techniques. 

Unfortunately, this past couple weeks getting up the stairs has been tough if not impossible for her. She eagerly looks up at us, tail wagging, the mind ready to come upstairs but the body isn't willing to endure the pain. She's been back to VetHab this week for some new pain meds, treatments, etc. and her improvement has already been very positive. She came up the stairs this morning after our walk and plopped down in her usual spot on top of the stairs like things are back to normal. Therapy will continue but I know she's back on the road to recovery and that is a good thing.

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