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Today’s half-price E-book deal from O’Reilly at is for cook books.

Concurrency in C# Cookbook

“If you're one of the many developers uncertain about concurrent and multithreaded development, this practical cookbook will change your mind. With more than 75 code-rich recipes, author Stephen Cleary demonstrates parallel processing and asynchronous programming techniques, using libraries and language features in .NET 4.5 and C# 5.0.  Concurrency is becoming more common in responsive and scalable application development, but it’s been extremely difficult to code. The detailed solutions in this cookbook show you how modern tools raise the level of abstraction, making concurrency much easier than before. Complete with ready-to-use code and discussions about how and why the solution works, you get recipes for using them.”

Git Version Control Cookbook


…and for any that are hungry!

Cooking for Geeks

“Are you the innovative type, the cook who marches to a different drummer -- used to expressing your creativity instead of just following recipes? Are you interested in the science behind what happens to food while it's cooking? Do you want to learn what makes a recipe work so you can improvise and create your own unique dish?”

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