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Visual Studio 2013 is now available for download! I will attach the beginning of their web page announcement. You should note that web projects may now be readily a combination of Web Forms, MVC and Web API.

We are excited to announce that Visual Studio 2013 is now available to you as an MSDN subscriber! 

For developers and development teams, Visual Studio 2013 easily delivers applications across all Microsoft devices, cloud, desktop, server and game console platforms by providing a consistent development experience, hybrid collaboration options, and state-of-the-art tools, services, and resources. 

Below are just a few of the highlights in this release: 
     Innovative features for greater developer productivity:Visual Studio 2013 includes many user interface improvements; there are more than 400 modified icons with greater differentiation and increased use of color, a redesigned Start page, and other design changes.
     Support for Windows 8.1 app development: Visual Studio 2013 provides the ideal toolset for building modern applications that leverage the next wave in Windows platform innovation (Windows 8.1), while supporting devices and services across all Microsoft platforms. Support for Windows Store app development in Windows 8.1 includes updates to the tools, controls and templates, new Coded UI test support for XAML apps, UI Responsiveness Analyzer and Energy Consumption profiler for XAML & HTML apps, enhanced memory profiling tools for HTML apps, and improved integration with the Windows Store.
     Web development advances: Creating websites or services on the Microsoft platform provides you with many options, including ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET MVC, WCF or Web API services, and more. Previously, working with each of these approaches meant working with separate project types and tooling isolated to that project’s capabilities. The One ASP.NET vision unifies your web project experience in Visual Studio 2013 so that you can create ASP.NET web applications using your preference of ASP.NET component frameworks in a single project. Now you can mix and match the right tools for the job within your web projects, giving you increased flexibility and productivity.

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